Member Benefits

Our membership base is made up of both freelance musicians and students alike who can benefit from numerous perks. As well as offering working opportunities, our members can enjoy exclusive benefits and savings on their daily spend through our partners.

At SoulEndvr we put the musician first, which is why membership is FREE. We’ve partnered up with companies who can offer amazing deals and savings that musicians really need to help save on their day to day spend.

Exclusive to our members and with over 1000 retailers including grocery stores, Tech and fashion brands, musicians will be able to save at least £500 annually with the Shop St app. A mobile app based platform, Shop St enables employers and membership organisations to reward and incentivise staff/members with savings on everyday essentials.

We have also teamed up with Roc4, an instant payment service designed to encourage freelancers to take control of the way they are paid. Typically there is a wait of up to 4-6 weeks for freelancers to be paid from any given job and we at SoulEndvr want to empower our members.

Because our members are not employees there is a small fee of just £1/month for services from our partners Shop St and Roc4. Benefits and perks like these are a rarity in the freelance world, this is why we have gone to great lengths to obtain such services for our members.

SoulEndvr will provide these benefits FREE to the first 100 to join.


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